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A different way to look at big data means a different way of doing business. Thuros is on a mission, to show companies that unique data insight can bring value on short to long-term, thus improving their social and financial performance.

Discover the treasure in their data

It’s easy to save and manage expenses when you’re dealing with small numbers. But when you’re a big company / bank / fund, you need the big guns for the big boys. And we’re not talking about simple spreadsheets, but huge clusters of data. That data moves so fast, so often, that most of the times errors occur and some money gets lost on the way, via unnecessary expenses, poor management or bad conversion rates.

Meet Thuros, a small, yet professional team of fin-tech business analysts. They solves issues like these, by employing customised cutting-edge solutions, while maintaining a fair-rate policy.

Squares and rectangles are stable. They’re familiar and trusted shapes and suggest honesty. They have right angles and represent order, mathematics, rationality, and formality. They are seen as earthbound. Rectangles are the most common geometric shape encountered. The majority of text we read is set in rectangles or squares. A pixel is square. Squares and rectangles suggest conformity, peacefulness, solidity, security, and equality. Their familiarity and stability, along with their commonness can seem boring. They are generally not attention getters, but can be tilted to add an unexpected twist. 

Because it’s such a basic element, you can apply different transformations on its scale, position and axis, and it will still retain the core semiotics. These movements also add new meaning, helping the communication of the brand values and messages. In the same manner, data is also interpreted by using different algorithms, to achieve new insight.

A stylized reprezentation of data clusters, shows the way patterns are discovered to get new insight. It’s clear enough to illustrate both the description of the brand, as well as to serve as secondary graphics, to complement the identity. Using such basic elements allows a multitude of variations, to enrich the brand experience and narrative.


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